Is it really that long?

Thank you Peter for spotting my dormant blog. The ego boosting experience of finding out that a friend has actually read the pretentious dribble that I wrote years ago prompted me to recover access to my wordpress account.

Older and wiser, I will not try to write another post till I have something to say so for now just a big thank you goes out to Peter.

Here’s a link to my main success in the past 4 years… yes… actually sold a drawing!

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Art and metaphysics

Unless we concede that objects can be more than the material of which they are made we cannot have art but only craft.

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Second marigold hotel

What a sad tale of ageing Anglo Saxons redundant in their home country finding  they are indispensable to a young, vibrant and fast moving India. A last phantasy of those that have been the spectators of the demise of the British empire and the rise of the colonies it once exploited?  

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Ho ho ho


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Rembrandt the late years

Rembrandt is the master of chiaroscuro but they need not have to exhibit his work in an underground gallery in more scuro than chiaro. Rembrandt does not need to be set in penumbra.

Rooms are small and cannot do justice to the larger paintings. Also they get cramped at busy times.

Worth the entry cost just to see the wonderful brush drawings. Most paintings are taken from local collections and these are well known to visitors of London museums. There are other more sketchy works that do not seem complete. These do give an insight into his working methods.

Sadly the awful uneven lighting creates glare where the paint surface is oily and shiny so it is hard work to see the brushwork. The artificial spotlights prevent you from seeing the actual colour of the paint.

Shame that such a great painter’s and those that love his work should be shown so little consideration.

Most interesting are the monochrome etchings and drypoints often showing various states of the printed image.

The National Gallery seem to have maximised profit at the expense of the spectator’s experience of the work

Sad to see the work badly shown but it’s a must see.


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Reaching out


10 minute drawing

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Anselm kiefer show at the RA

Kiefer is immediately impressive because of the physical scale of his paintings and the literal weight of his work. Amazing energy flows through his paintings so I was rather perplexed by the preciousness of his diamond encrusted panels which I found rather dull if not downright pretentious and boring.

In my eyes at least they cast a shadow over this exhibition.

Is there a possibility that his work might be at least partially rooted in art posturing and trend following rather than naked self expression?

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